About Flexipacks

Established in 2007, Flexipack is the commercial packaging concern of Parakh group, a Pune based, mid-sized Fortune 500 company, currently worth ₹2,000 crores. With an array of FMCG products of their own, inclusive of edible flour and oils, the company understands the importance of packaging, as the last bit of the whole process that ensures an uncompromised product quality that gets delivered to the end users.


Markets We Serve 

As a packaging company, Flexipack boosts of durable, flexible, sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions for various markets. With an ever-increasing clientele list  Flexipack caters to sectors like FMCG, Dairy and Milk, beverage, and Apparel. With its state-of-art packaging facility, Flexipack’s quality is uncompromising.

What We Do 

As packaging manufacturers, we intent to be the answer, for any kind of packaging needs that you might have. We understand the need to be heard. Talk to us about any kind of packaging that might interest you: It could be the flexible packaging, or some kind of industrial packaging solution or an innovative and customized packaging idea for the retail sector. Once we understand your need, we shall work with you, to look for the perfect packaging solution. Flexipack, as a company offers various kinds of packaging in a wide range of eco friendly materials like biodegradable laminates and plastics, paper solutions, recyclable polylaminates, jute and cloth packaging.

Our Clients