Three side sealed laminated pouch • Centre sealed laminated pouch • Bottom gusseted side sealed poly bag
• Three side sealed poly bag • Both side gusseted centre sealed laminated pouch • Gusseted side sealed poly bag with D punch and star punch • Gusseted side sealed poly bag with D punch / insertion strip and star punch • Bottom sealed heavy duty poly bag • Pouch with transparent window • Lidding Film • Sleeve Label (in roll form) • Roll stock • Reclosable zipper stand up laminate pouch • Reclosable cap and pouring spout laminate stand up pouch • Reclosable zipper three side sealed laminate pouch • U Shape Pouch • 3 Side Sealed Rope Handle Bag • Custom Shaped Pouch


We have a wide range of pouching machines available to conduct processes for side-seal, centre-seal, bottom-seal, mix-seal, side and bottom-gusset etc


One side-seal and centre-seal machine [Mamata Machinery].
Three side-gusset and cutting machines [Excel Plastics].
One bottom-gusset machine [Kenara Packaging].


Capability to make pouches for grocery, fresh and frozen food, shopping, garments, bread, diapers, sanitary and security purposes.