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About Flexipacks

Pune based Parakh group, with its diversified businesses, is a group worth ₹2000 crores today. Flexi packaging is one of the industries that the group have forayed into. With the goal of providing need-based packaging solutions, Parakh group’s Flexipacks cater to industries, across various domains.

Flexipacks promise a universe of opportunities in packaging, without compromising on its quality, cost efficiency and adaptive packaging capability. It also supplies, standard as well as customized packaging solutions, in various materials like cloth, jute, laminates, paper, plastic, glass and wood. With a packaging facility of 12,000 TPA capacity, Flexipack is well equipped and resourced to meet packaging demands, any time of the year.

Serving an ever-increasing loyal clientele since 2007, Flexipacks have always endeavoured towards embracing and adopting, the latest technology in the domain. This enables Flexipacks to be able to deliver the very best when it comes to packaging.

In the early 1950’s, Harakchand K. Parakh set out from Daudi – a small village in western Maharashtra to prove that any task performed with an unstoppable will using uncompromised values leads to revolutionizing prosperity. He worked relentlessly on various ventures before finally gaining the required knowledge and capital to set up a peas flour mill in Pune in 1969. This marked the beginning of an establishment of various companies which have formed the Parakh Group.

Today the group provides a large variety of products and services reaching out to its millions of customers through consumer goods, real estate, flexible packaging, wind energy, horticulture and various other ventures. With a revenue of over 2000 Cores we are growing fast and expanding to various sectors with the will and values embedded by our founder. From our headquarters in Pune, we centrally manage a setup of over 10 mega plants, an employee and sales force of over 3000 enthusiastic individuals and a varied customer base around the country.

Over the years several people and organizations have contributed towards and benefitted from the group’s success. The group still focuses to keenly work with such individual from within and outside the organization treating our relation with each person no less than an individual venture.

The group also focuses on social sustainability activities benefiting those in need in the field of education, orphan and health care. On the other hand the group is also making a bigger contribution to the world via its wind energy projects and other such activities focusing on environmental sustainability.


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